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Success Stories

NASA has many commercialized technologies. Thousands of American businesses have benefited from partnering with NASA to license technology and leverage NASA expertise. These partnerships have resulted in billions of dollars in generated revenue, billions more in saved costs, and tens of thousands of new jobs.

The chart below features commercialized NASA Goddard Space Flight Center technologies.


Title [ Download ] Success TypePartnerProducts / Technology
Combining Spinoff and SBIR Technologies Yields Cost and Time Savings for NASA MissionsSBIRThe Hammers Company, Inc. (THC, Inc.)Integrated Test and Operations Systems (ITOS) and VirtualSat system
SBIR Company Creates Low-Cost Tool for Measuring and Polishing MirrorsSBIRBauer Associates Low-cost, reliable tool for measuring large aspheric mirror surfaces
Goddard CHARMS Facility Characterizes Material Properties for Advanced Optics PartnershipU. of Oxford, Aerospace Corp., Harvard College Observatory, U. of California Observatories/LICKCryogenic High Accuracy Refraction Measuring System (CHARMS)
NASA Goddard and Ocean Tomo Establish Groundbreaking Partnership to Commercialize NASA Technologies Marketing/Business ProcessOcean Tomo Federal Services40 Techs for Live IP Auction
SBIR Recipient Creates Low-Power, Lightweight Controller SBIRBarrett Technology, Inc.Brushless servo electronics module
SBIR Advances Our Understanding of Clouds and the Carbon Cycle SBIRAnasphereCloud-water sensors
SBIR Funding Yields Sensor to Better Understand Cloud Characteristics SBIRStratton Park Engineering Company (SPEC)miniaturized cloud sensors
Goddard's Cable-Compliant Joint Technology Gets Patients Up and Walking with SAM Tech TransferEnduro Medical TechnologyCable Compliant Joint and Compliant Walker Techs / Secure Ambulation Module (SAM)
Goddard and Northrop Grumman Partner To Answer Key Questions in Climate Change and Planetary Science PartnershipNorthrop Grumman Electronic SystemsAdvanced Civil Radar Architectures
Nanotailor, Inc. Licenses Goddard Nanotube Fabrication Process Tech TransferNanotailorsingle-walled carbon nanotube fabrication process
Goddard HHT to Be Used in RFID Demonstration System PartnershipBCG WirelessApplying Hilbert-Huang Transform technology to RFID signals
Two Agreements Prepare Goddard's Cryogenic Cooling System for Commercial Use and Future NASA Missions Partnership & Tech TransferLockheed Martin and Lake Shore CryotronicsContinuous Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (CADR) technology
STTR Company with Exploration-Related Technology Acquired by Microsoft STTRVexcel Corp.Wireless sensor network technology
Goddard Helps BAE Systems Build New SpaceWire-Based ASIC PartnershipBAE SystemsASIC development for SpaceWire link-and-switch router technology
Texas Instruments Uses NASA Facility to Test Advanced Spaceflight Electronics PartnershipTexas InstrumentsRadiation-hard electronics
Goddard and LogicNets Collaborate in the Building of a Test-bed Environment for an Intelligent Robotic System PartnershipLogicNetsIntelligence models for autonomous robotic systems
Aeroflex to Implement Goddard's SpaceWire Router to Benefit Aerospace Electronics PartnershipAeroflexSpaceWire Router
Platform-Independent Software Offers Flexibility and Ease When Controlling and Monitoring Remote Devices and Sensors Open Source SoftwareN/AInteroperable Remote Component (IRC) Architecture
University of Oxford Commissions Goddard CHARMS Facility to Characterize Optics Used for a Ground-Based Infrared InstrumentPartnershipU. of OxfordCryogenic High Accuracy Refraction Measuring System (CHARMS)
Harris Corporation Evaluating SpaceWire Router for Its Own Space Applications PartnershipHarris CorporationSpaceWire standard and router
Nanotechnology Research Benefits from Collaboration PartnershipNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)Access to NIST's Advanced Measurement Lab
NASA Goddard Gives Howard Community College Students Hands-On Assessment Experience PartnershipHoward Community CollegeProviding NASA Technologies for Invention-to-Marketplace Classes
Smithsonian Solar Experiments Benefit from Unique NASA Goddard Facility PartnershipSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatorymulti-spectral reflective optical coating
Goddard Fuels Medical Research to Help Improve Diagnoses at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center PartnershipHarvard Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterHilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) technology
Goddard's HHT Shows Promise for Radio Frequency Communications Tech TransferBCG WirelessHilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) technology
Goddard Technologies Give University of Baltimore Students Hands-On Assessment Experience with the "Lab to Market" Program PartnershipUniversity of BaltimoreProviding NASA Technologies for Invention-to-Marketplace Classes
Low-Cost, High-Quality Carbon Nanotubes Enter the Marketplace Tech TransferIdaho Space Materialssingle-walled carbon nanotube fabrication process
NASA Enters Agreement to Attract High-Tech Companies to Maryland PartnershipMaryland Department of Business and Economic DevelopmentAccess to GSFC facilities and technology
Goddard Technologies Selected for Innovative Entrepreneurship Program with UMBC PartnershipU. of Maryland, Baltimore CountyACTiVATE Program