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Mission & Programs

Welcome to the Strategic Partnerships Office at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center!

At the heart of our mission is a simple yet profound realization: NASA technologies are part of daily life across the country, often unnoticed. These innovations range from everyday household items like hair straighteners and memory foam mattresses to critical life-saving products such as baby formula and heart pumps. Our work at NASA has a tangible impact on Earth, enhancing lives in countless ways.

The Journey of Technology Transfer: The path from a NASA lab to your home is paved with hard work, collaboration, and creative thinking. This journey, known as technology transfer, is crucial. Without it, the groundbreaking innovations developed in federal and academic laboratories wouldn’t reach the public, where they can be the most effective.

Our Role in Shaping Tomorrow: The Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) is pivotal in bringing Goddard’s cutting-edge technology to the private sector. Our team of technology managers collaborates with a diverse group of professionals – from external scientists and engineers to attorneys and entrepreneurs. Together, we forge relationships and agreements that benefit everyone involved, driving innovation forward.

Beyond Technology Transfer: Our Expanded Mission

SPO also oversees two significant initiatives, the SBIR/STTR program and strategic partnerships.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs : These programs are the pinnacle of innovation, funding research, development, and demonstration of technologies that meet NASA’s needs. We provide seed funding to small businesses and research institutions, fostering growth and new ideas. Our team manages the intricacies of solicitations and awards, ensuring a smooth process for these vital contracts.

Space Act Agreements: At SPO, we coordinate partnerships through Space Act Agreements, a unique aspect of NASA’s collaborative efforts. These agreements allow Goddard to team up with external entities on mutually beneficial projects, opening doors to new possibilities and shared successes.


Program How SPO Works with
Internal Inventors
How SPO Works With
External Partners
Technology Transfer
  • Identify and collect inventions
  • Secure intellectual property (IP) protection
  • Promote inventions
  • Facilitate industry agreements
  • Provide access to invention portfolio
  • Communicate IP protection status
  • Highlight licensable technologies
  • Assist in establishing agreements with NASA
  • Identify R&D topics of interest
  • Facilitate grant awards and project management
  • Announce SBIR/STTR opportunities
  • Provide project management assistance
  • Collaborate with researchers to identify needs
  • Develop marketing strategies for target parties
  • Inform about collaborative opportunities
  • Facilitate interactions with inventors
  • Assist in establishing partnerships with NASA