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Outreach Initiatives

Outreach InitiativesOutreach initiatives are programs conducted to better educate outside parties about the services that the SPO provides to connect NASA staff with potential external partners/collaborators. The SPO conducts outreach on a continuous basis to make the outside world aware of opportunities at NASA GSFC related to technology transfer, SBIR / STTR, and partnerships. Selected initiatives are described generally below (see Events section for calendar of any upcoming inreach events):



Outreach Initiative Purpose Schedule
Direct Marketing Communicate promising GSFC inventions to outside organizations (e.g., corporations) anticipated to have licensing / partnership interest. Conducted on a continuous basis. GSFC identifies target licensees / partners, communicates benefits-level information about inventions to those targets, vets interested parties, and facilitates licensing / partnerships agreements.
NASA Tech Briefs Communicate promising GSFC inventions via NASA Tech Briefs – a magazine in existence for 20 years that announces new NASA technologies to a readership exceeding 500,000 per year. (check facts – just guessed for now) NASA Tech Briefs is published monthly, and contains inventions from all NASA centers including GSFC.
Trade Shows / Conferences / Symposia Communicate promising GSFC inventions to targeted trade shows, conferences, and symposia. Conducted on a continuous basis.
See Events section for calendar
SPO-Based Publications Communicate recent GSFC opportunities and successes related to technology transfer, SBIR/STTR, and partnerships. Accomplishments Report – annualTech Transfer Magazine – quarterly
Local Events Communicate SPO/GSFC opportunities and successes at local events that involve entrepreneurs, inventors, government officials, industry, and related groups. Conducted as opportunities arise.
See Events section for calendar


Contact the SPO via or 301-286-5810 to suggest new SPO outreach ideas.