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The SPO’s Office Chief, Darryl Mitchell, is assisted by six civil servants who manage various program dimensions. These managers represent the best introductory contacts for both internal inventors and external partners who wish to explore how the SPO can be of service. To identify the appropriate civil servant or for general inquires, contact our main office via or 301-286-5810 for guidance.

SPO: Office Chief

Darryl Mitchell Photo

Office Chief

Darryl Mitchell

(301) 286-5169

SPO: Technology Managers

Josh Levine Photo

Technology Manager

Josh Levine

(301) 286-6705

Hossin Photo

Technology Manager

Hossin Abdeldayem

(301) 286-8682

Dennis Small Photo

Technology Manager

Dennis Small

(301) 286-7960

Viva Miller Photo

Technology Manager

Viva Mille

(301) 286-5979

Manohar Deshpande Photo

Technology Manager

Manohar Deshpande

(301) 286-2435


Quenton Bonds


Quenton Bonds

(301) 286-7083