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Awards Program Overview

The Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) is pleased to provide an opportunity to recognize the outstanding technology transfer-related contributions of our scientists and engineers. We are committed to seeking internal and external awards that have a technology transfer component and nominating our technologists for these awards.

Our awards program has grown significantly over the years and we strive to expand the program to honor those who have made significant contributions in the area of technology transfer. We are continually looking for additional awards to add as well as to expand the nominations we receive for these awards.

We currently submit nominations for awards in four groups:

  1. NASA Technology Awards/Incentives
  2. SPO Technology Awards
  3. GSFC Incentive Awards Program
  4. External Technology Awards Programs

For more information about these awards, follow their links. Although there are specific times when different awards are selected, we accept nominations at any time for these awards. If you would like to nominate a team or individual for the NASA Technology Awards/Incentives, Technology Transfer Program Technology awards, or external technology awards, please submit your nomination to the Strategic Partnerships Office, Code 102.

Please take this opportunity to review the awards listed on this Web site and recommend nominees.