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License Inventions

tech-links-498x257Researchers at NASA GSFC submit over 250 invention disclosures to the SPO each year, leading to a substantial portfolio of intellectual property (IP). For IP protection reasons, details on some inventions can only be disclosed under a one-way non-disclosure agreement (NDA) while others cannot be disclosed at all due to secrecy orders or other matters of national security. Inventions which are already patented or patent pending (i.e., Protected IP), however, are available for review and potential licensing to interested parties.

GSFC divides its invention catalog into four categories based upon a combination of invention type and information accessibility. See links below to view catalog listings:


Invention Catalog Category Definition Information Access / Availability

Featured Technologies

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Protected IP (i.e., patented or patent pending) available for license for which marketing information has already been prepared to showcase benefits and applications (often driven by the technologies having been announced at a trade show or marketed to target audiences based upon existing industry interest). Expanded details available (e.g., technology brochure) in addition to patent or patent application

Protected Technologies

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All protected IP available for license (includes many Featured Technologies plus others for which patent protection has been pursued). Patent or patent application available

Software Technologies

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Software that is available for use subject to GSFC’s software release policies. Software list available

QuickLaunch Technologies

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Technologies made available for license under simplified and pre-negotiated terms (non-exclusive in most cases). Expanded details available in addition to patent or patent application (via NASA-wide Web site)

Note: Protected IP implies technology that is patented or patent pending.


Parties interested in GSFC technology can also browse or search our full catalog of intellectual property. More recently disclosed intellectual property that is not yet patent pending can often be review under non-disclosure agreement per special request. Contact a Technology Manager to search for more recently disclosed technologies that might meet your development needs, or to inquire about any potential licensing interest.

License Agreement Steps and Guidelines