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Creative collaborative partnerships can fit the unique needs of Goddard researchers when other solutions fall short. Space Act Agreements or Cooperative Research and Development Agreements facilitate collaboration through formalized partnerships with corporations, startups, individuals, universities, institutes, and other government agencies. NASA also can partner with foreign organizations, though domestic collaborators take preference if multiple collaborators are under consideration.

Through partnerships, NASA researchers can access funding, equipment, materials, and skills to meet a research and development challenge that cannot be met through other programs. NASA may seek an industry partner to commercialize a technology and then supply the product back to the agency. SPO can help connect Goddard researchers with partners, vet candidates, and establish agreements to make the collaboration a reality.

For example, Goddard partnered with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History through a Space Act Agreement to study the effectiveness of a Goddard-developed coating in protecting the Smithsonian Institution’s cultural artifacts and natural science specimens.

Reach out to SPO if you have an idea for pursuing a partnership. SPO’s technology managers can answer questions and provide clarity on your options. After discussing a collaborative need with SPO, both parties can determine if grounds exist to foster a collaboration.

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