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Why Collaborate with NASA Goddard: Unleashing Innovation through Strategic Partnerships

  • Benefits of Partnership: Engaging in a partnership with NASA Goddard unlocks a myriad of benefits. Collaborators gain access to essential funding, state-of-the-art equipment, vital materials, and extensive expertise, empowering them to address research and development challenges beyond the reach of other programs. Additionally, NASA may form joint ventures with industry partners to commercialize technologies, subsequently reinvesting these advancements back into the agency. The Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) plays a pivotal role in these collaborations, connecting Goddard researchers with potential partners, evaluating candidates, and establishing agreements to ensure successful collaborations.

Success Story: Goddard and Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History:

  • A prime example of the power of collaboration is the partnership between Goddard and the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Through a Space Act Agreement, they collaborated to assess the effectiveness of a Goddard-developed coating in preserving the Smithsonian’s cultural artifacts and natural science specimens. This partnership exemplifies how NASA Goddard’s expertise and resources can be leveraged to meet the unique challenges of external entities.

Contact SPO for Partnership Ideas: If you have an idea for a partnership, we encourage you to reach out to the Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO). Our technology managers are ready to provide detailed information, clarify options, and guide you through the partnership process. Initial discussions with SPO will help both parties evaluate the potential for a meaningful and productive collaboration.

Goddard works with corporations, startups, universities, and other government agencies from all over the country to form collaborative relationships. Through its three program components, SPO connects external partners with opportunities for NASA to benefit their bottom line:


Program How to Work with SPO
Technology Transfer
  • Learn more about the Startup NASA Program
  • Speak to Goddard innovators and technology transfer professionals
  • License Goddard technologies
  • Explore feasibility of proposed innovations
  • See where your goals and NASA’s goals align
  • Receive funding to help meet NASA’s research and development challenges
  • Collaborate to develop technology
  • Increase development speed
  • Decrease development investment