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Partnering With SPO

Partnering IconExternal Partners (e.g., corporations, startups, universities, or other government agencies) are focused on meeting their own, internal objectives. Corporations, for example, are driven by profits and creating shareholder value. Like everyone else, they have limited time and resources. How would working with the SPO benefit their work? In short, the ITPO (using its own funding/resources) can connect the potential external partners with opportunities for NASA to benefit their bottom line:


Program How Working with the ITPO Benefits External Partners
Technology Transfer
  • License technology from NASA (rather than developing your own or paying more elsewhere) to provide selected technology solutions.
  • Receive funding to help meet NASA’s R&D challenges which (a) oftentimes matches your own development goals and/or (b) creates new business opportunities (which could include NASA as a customer)
  • Collaborate to develop technology that is of benefit to both NASA and you (increasing development speed and/or decreasing development investment).


See the Tech Transfer, SBIR/STTR, and Partnership sections for more information on each program area from the external-partner perspective.