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Small Wonders: A Goddard Webinar Series

NASA Goddard’s Small Satellite Project Office and Strategic Partnerships Office are excited to announce a new way to learn and engage about Goddard’s SmallSat’s through, Small Wonders:  A Goddard Webinar Series.  Join us for each of our webinars and learn more about Goddard’s Small Satellite projects, missions, technology and capabilities.

Small Wonders: Goddard Webinar Series- Recent Presentations:

  • June 24, 2021, 1:30-3:00pm EST-  Goddard SmallSat Tech Spotlight:  MARES

Curious about Goddard’s tech for Modular Architecture for Resilient and Extensible SmallSats (MARES)? Now is your chance to learn more! Join us as we take a dive and explore the ins and outs of MARES with lightening talks!

Lightning Talk Schedule:

  1. Modular Architecture for Resilient and Extensible SmallSats by Robin Ripley
  2. Command & Data Handling by James Fraction
  3. SpaceCube v3.0 Mini by Alessandro Geist
  4. SpaceCube Solid State Data Recorder (SSDR) by Alessandro Geist
  5. NavCube 3.0 mini GNSS Receiver by Munther Hassouneh
  6. SpaceCube Software-Defined Radio (SDR) by Nicolas Franconi
  7. SmallSat Star Cameras/Scanner by Sean Semper
  8. Ion Control System by Dakotah Rusley
  9. Software-Only Data Encryption by John Lucas

Join Goddard’s Robin Ripley, James Fraction, Alessandro Geist, Munther Hasouneh, Nicolas Franconi, Sean Semper, Dakotah Rusley and John Lucas as they discuss MARES!