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August 2021: Modern Era Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) Analytic Services 

July 2021: Compact thermal imager

June 2021: Steering mirror assist for laser pointing

April/May 2021: Deployable multi-section boom

March 2021: Method of manufacturing large area graphene and graphene-based photonics devices

February 2021: Active Pointing Monitor for a 2-axis Optical Control System

January 2021: Micro Scale Electro Hydrodynamic (EHD) Modular Cartridge Pump

December 2020: Black Molecular Adsorber Coating System

November 2020: Non-Scanning 3D Imager

October 2020: Gear Bearings

September 2020: Cooperative Service Valve

August 2020: Thermal Louvers

July 2020: SpaceCube

June 2020: Robust Waveguide Millimeter Noise Source

May 2020: Recirculating Advanced Coupled-cavity Etalon Receiver (RACER)

April 2020: Diminutive Assembly for Nanosatellite deploYables (DANY)

March 2020: Aeropod

February 2020: Modulated X-Ray Source