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NASA GSFC Patent License Agreement

A non-exclusive patent license was signed with Space Vector Corporation for use of NASA GSFC’s Radiation Hardened Fast Acquisition Weak Signal Tracking System and Method, and The Goddard Enhanced Onboard Navigation System (GEONS)” technologies.

Case Number: GSC‐ 14793‐1
Patent Number: 7,548,199
Patent Exp. Date: 9/20/2025


This invention is a global positioning system receiver for use in low earth orbit. The receiver has an antenna receiving global positioning system (GPS) signals. An analog radio frequency device converts the signals from an analog to a digital format. GPS signal acquisition components connected to the device calculates a maximum vector on a data bit correlation grid. A microprocessor compares the vector with a preset correlation threshold to allow the signal to be fully acquired and tracked.


  • The arrangement of the receiver provides optimized fast signal acquisition and weak signal tracking, thus enabling the receiver to be utilized for high altitude applications.
  • The fast signal acquisition capability implements extended correlation intervals, thus reducing acquisition threshold of the receiver.


  • Aerospace
  • Aviation


If you are interested in more information or want to pursue transfer of this technology, GSC‐14793‐1, please contact:

Ted Mecum
Senior Technology Manager
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Innovative Partnerships Program Office 301‐286‐219