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Working With SPO

Invent IconInternal inventors at NASA GSFC are focused on meeting the objectives defined by the various Codes and Missions that drive their day-to-day work. Like everyone else, they have limited time and resources. How can working with the SPO benefit their work? In short, the SPO (using its own funding/resources) can connect the inventor with new and creative pools of resources to advance their technologies…and more. See how the SPO can help internal inventors within each core program area:

Program How Working with the SPO Benefits Internal Inventors
Technology Transfer
  • Disclosing inventions is NASA policy, and the SPO can make completing the paperwork easier on the inventor
  • Inventors share in licensing income
  • Inventors can earn various awards
  • Inventing helps everyone (you, NASA, US Economy, and society at large)
  • The SBIR/STTR program enables small businesses (alone or partnering with universities) to solve some of NASA’s R&D challenges.
  • SBIR/STTR funds come from the Agency level (i.e., represent “extra resources” to help advance your technologies)
  • Collaborations with industry can bring in research funding and/or in-kind support to advance your technologies.

See the Tech Transfer, SBIR/STTR, and Partnership sections for more information on each program area from the internal-inventor perspective.