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Inreach Initiatives

Inreach InitiativesInreach initiatives are programs conducted to educate NASA researchers about the services that SPO provides within Goddard. SPO conducts a number of inreach initiatives each year. Selected initiatives are described generally below (see Events section for calendar of upcoming inreach events):



Inreach Initiative Purpose Schedule
NTR Award Program SPO and OPC recognize NASA inventors for submitting New Technology Reports (NTRs) and related innovative/collaborative achievements. Held annually and advertised by invitation.
Advancing Innovation Training Provides an introductory orientation on what Goddard inventors need to know about technology transfer, SBIR/STTR, and partnerships. Standard, four-hour sessions are held twice a year (announced via Dateline). Customized sessions are provided to various Goddard code and mission representatives upon request.
SPO Roadshows to Codes/Missions Provide an orientation (introductory or specific) to Goddard researchers regarding technology transfer, SBIR/STTR, and partnerships. SPO representatives can provide guest talks of varying lengths at code/mission staff meetings upon request.

Contact SPO via or 301-286-5810 to suggest new SPO initiative ideas.