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Parents & Teachers

Spinoffs are like OPTIMUS PRIME - they come from space to solve problems on Earth!

NASA spinoffs are technologies originally created for space and modified into everyday products used here on Earth. These include:

  • memory foam
  • invisible braces
  • firefighting equipment
  • artificial limbs
  • scratch-resistant lenses
  • aircraft anti-icing systems
  • shoe insoles
  • water filters/purification
  • cochlear implants
  • satellite television
  • long-distance telecommunications
  • and many more
Through this Challenge, students become aware of NASA spinoff technology in their everyday world. Through four theme-based missions, students use their imagination, creativity, and engineering skills to develop their own ideas for spinoff uses of NASA technologies.

Engineering design packets guide students through the entire process.
To get started, students must download the OPSPARC Design Packet. A coach guide is also available with valuable tips, helping parents and educators bring this Challenge into their classrooms, after school programs and the community.

In order to participate, all students must register and receive parent/guardian permission, even if they are participating in a team. This includes students who are already using Adobe Spark for Education in their schools.

It is not required that coaches register, but by registering, you will have access to Adobe Spark for Education and your students will be able to tag/identify you in their submissions as their coach. If you are tagged, you will receive a direct notice if your team(s) are selected as semifinalists.

Adobe Spark for Education
OPSPARC submissions are interactive web pages created by students using digital tools provided by Adobe Spark for Education (Spark). These tools enable students to create graphics and upload photos, videos and text to a custom web page.

Once a student has registered for OPSPARC and been granted parent/guardian permission, the student’s username and password give them access to Spark via a special login page for OPSPARC participants. You will find access to the login page on all of the mission pages.

Spark operates as a service provider to NASA OPSPARC and as such has taken measures to manage the personal information of students via the PRIVO iD consent manager. Spark provides a protected and advertising free area to host this Challenge.

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