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Workshop on Optics

Added February 4, 2019 – Industry Day Workshop on Optics – POSTPONED
Due to the recent Government shutdown, the NASA Goddard Optics Workshop planned for March 13, 2019, has been postponed. A new date is forthcoming and will be announced soon. Please continue to monitor this webpage for an announcement of the new date. If you have any questions please contact us at

To align with the goals of the National Space Policy and NASA’s Strategic Plan, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is exploring opportunities to foster the development of new industrial space-related capabilities. It is GSFC’s intent that these opportunities will lead to growth in education and jobs in science and engineering disciplines, and spur economic growth as capabilities for new space markets are enabled. GSFC will therefore be hosting and industry day workshop to foster collaborations and partnerships with the private sector, and to encourage investment in commercial space products that will benefit both the private sector and NASA missions.

This workshop will introduce attendees to a variety of well-established and demonstrated technologies developed at GSFC in the areas of Free-Space Optical Communications, a broad portfolio of sensors, highly sensitive imaging systems, radiation hardened electronic boards, compact and high power lasers, CubeSAT and SmallSAT components, universal fiber optic connector polishing fixtures with precision alignment capability, antennas, high quality carbon nanotubes, and many other technologies of potential interest to U.S. companies and Academia. In order to better align NASA technologies presented at the workshop with industry needs, parties interested in attending this workshop are invited to submit technical challenges in their areas of interest to the NASA Point of Contact for this event. However, submission of technical challenge areas is not a requirement to attend this workshop.