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Newsletter Trivia Answers

April 2020

What Goddard technology transfer story was featured in the first edition of NASA’s Spinoff publication in 1976?
A. Transducers for artery screening (Correct Answer)
B. Cables for generator efficiency
C. Sensors for emission testing
D. Lasers for cauterizing wounds

True or false: Your invention will be better protected if you file an NTR before speaking publicly about it.
A. True NTRs help establish a record of your invention, and they are the first step in protecting your invention with a patent. (Correct Answer)
B. False

What does “SAA” stand for?
A. Space Access for All
B. Spectrometer for Accountability Act
C. Sustaining Accelerometer Abilities
D. Space Act Agreement (Correct Answer)

March 2020

When did NASA first start printing Spinoff, an annual publication that highlights technology transfer success stories?
A. 1969
B. 1972
C. 1976 (Correct Answer)
D. 1980

True or false: inventors can be involved in the license negotiation process.
A. True
B. False (Correct Answer)

What does “SBIR” stand for?
A. Standard Business Innovation Routines
B. Simply the Best Inventions on Record
C. Starting Businesses In Robotics
D. Small Business Innovation Research (Correct Answer)

February 2020

How many NTRs do you need to submit to begin participating in the Master Innovator Program?
A. 1
B. 2 (Correct Answer)
C. 3
D. 4

Which NASA center invented the CMOS image sensor, now found in cell phone cameras?
A. Goddard
B. Langley
C. JPL (Correct Answer)
D. Marshall

Which Goddard code submitted the most NTRs in FY2018?
A. Code 550 (Correct Answer)
B. Code 580
C. Code 450
D. Code 560

January 2020

Which Goddard inventor is SPO’s annual technology transfer award named after?
A. Steve Curtis
B. James Kerley (Correct Answer)
C. Jeannette Benavides
D. Norden Huang

What form of intellectual property protection is most commonly used for Goddard technologies?
A. Trademark
B. Patent (Correct Answer)
C. Copyright
D. Trade Secret

Which of these Goddard technologies is protected with a trademark?
A. Recirculating Advanced Coupled-cavity Etalon Receiver (RACER)
B. Aeropod
C. Modulated X-ray Source (MXS)
D. SpaceCube (Correct Answer)

December 2019

What Goddard technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 1988?
A. AeroPod
B. Groth Algorithm
C. Ingestible Thermometer Pill
D. NASA Structural Analysis Computer Software (Correct Answer)

Which of these examples is NOT a type of NASA patent license?
A. Nonprofit License (Correct Answer)
B. Commercial License
C. Startup NASA License
D. Evaluation License

How many years does it take for a U.S. patent to expire after the application is filed?
A. 5 years
B. 10 years
C. 15 years
D. 20 years (Correct Answer)

November 2019

In FY 2019, how many patents were granted to Goddard technologies?
A. 21
B. 31 (Correct Answer)
C. 41
D. 51

Which Goddard innovator received the 2018 James Kerley Award for excellence in technology transfer?
A. Keith Gendreau
B. Geoff Bland
C. Nithin Abraham (Correct Answer)
D. Mike Krainak

What federal institution collaborated with Goddard in 1982 to preserve thousands of aged books using Goddard’s thermal vacuum chamber?
A. Smithsonian Institution
B. Library of Congress (Correct Answer)
C. National Archives
D. National Agricultural Library

October 2019

How many people have been rescued as a result of Goddard’s Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT)?
A. 500 people
B. 5,500 people
C. 20,000 people
D. 30,000 people (Correct Answer)

Which NASA center submitted the most NTRs for the 2018 fiscal year?
A. Langley
B. Goddard
C. JPL (Correct Answer)
D. Ames

Which NASA centers work resulted in the creation of memory foam?
B. Johnson
C. Ames (Correct Answer)
D. Goddard