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NAFTU Virtual Industry Workshop

This event has been postponed in order to address more fully some recently identified concerns relating to conducting the workshop within an online environment. Please check back in the near future with updates for the event.


NASA invites domestic companies to attend the virtual NAFTU (NASA Autonomous Flight Termination Unit) Industry Workshop on November 18, 2020 from 2-5 pm.  NASA software engineers and technology transfer representatives will share updates on the software’s compliance process and describe how attendees can obtain access to NAFTU. During the workshop, the NAFTU team will brief attendees on high-level findings regarding NAFTU’s software certification, including an estimated timeline for NAFTU’s availability. NASA technology transfer representatives will describe how industry can collaborate with NASA through partnerships, licenses, and software usage agreements to access NASA innovations.


On behalf of a government customer, GSFC/WFF has been working on a compliance demonstration of NAFTU for a specific use case and configuration of the NAFTU software (Phase 1). This involves compliance to a tailored set of system requirements, testing, and independent verification and validation (IVV). Earlier this year, IVV review revealed several software design non-compliances, and as a result, software modifications are currently underway.

In the near future, GSFC/WFF plans to release a version of the NAFTU package to industry through GSFC’s Strategic Partnerships Office. At the NAFTU Industry Workshop, domestic companies can learn more about this software package and ask questions about development and certification. They can also learn how to acquire access to the NAFTU system and gain an understanding of their responsibilities upon receipt of the software package.


Due to the content of the presentations and facility security requirements, only U.S. persons (U.S. citizens or Legal Permanent Residents) may attend. An authorized company representative is required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which will be sent upon registration. The workshop registrant must be the person attending the event and must also sign and execute the NDA. Because we are anticipating a large response, at this time, we are only allowing one participant per company.

In order to ensure that NASA representatives can answer questions to the best of their ability, please submit questions pertaining to technology transfer, partnerships, software usage agreements, and other forms to the following e-mail no later than Nov. 10, 2020, 17:00 EST.

Domestic industry or U.S. government employees interested in attending the NAFTU virtual industry workshop on 11/18/2020, shall provide the following information for each potential attendee by November 10, 2020, 23:59 EST (Note, NASA may need to limit the number of representatives from each company based upon the total of registered attendees.)

  • Name (first name, middle initial, last name)
  • Affiliation/Company
  • Citizenship (US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident [LPR/Green Card holder])
  • E-mail

Point of Contacts

Questions about technology transfer, partnerships, software usage agreements, and other forms of collaboration can be sent to Viva L. Miller, Senior Technology Manager at

Questions about the timeline and availability of the NAFTU system can be sent to Brian Hall, NAFTU Project Manager at